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Digital Showcase, Las Vegas, NV      (310) 862-1947

For Databased Business Applications

Digital Showcase builds databased applications for business. Really, anything having to do with business is a databased application, keeping track of things, recording and viewing the history of what things happened. Digital Showcase specialises in these kind of apps, where the data is the main subject.

Currently using AngularJS / Ionic for layout and navigation with MongoDB for the online database. These are the modern tools, this works real well.

Mobile Application Development for iOS / Android

Digital Showcase is now actively taking on projects for Mobile App Development for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android based devices. Using the latest design tools such as Adobe's PhoneGap (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) allows us to develop Mobile Apps in iOS or Android from the same code.

Consider starting with an iPhone App, then its a simple port to an Android App as the program has already been written. You can't do that with the old school tools like Objective C or Java which is why we have moved on to better tools

Database Application Design

Digital Showcase specializes in Database design for business. Making things work.

Now developing high-end, high-speed, modern tech database with MongoDB for the most performant systems.


MultiValue database - Expertise in Pick D3, OpenQM and most any MultiValue database jBASE, mvBase, Universe, Unidata, etc.


Applications / Game Design

See My Craps Game

Digital Showcase is the producer of My Craps Game, a computer Craps game just for fun. Designed by a tournament prize winning Craps Player after much live research in the Las Vegas casinos, My Craps Game is the only computer simulation that plays with the right rules, the right Vegas Odds, the right way. Play it before you hit the live tables. Designed for experts to get really good as well as newbies to easily learn the game. Sold online as downloads for Mac OS X and Windows.


Digital Showcase develops Database Apps

Digital Showcase develops MongoDB Apps

Digital Showcase develops iOS Apps

Digital Showcase develops iPhone Apps

Digital Showcase develops iPad Apps

Digital Showcase develops Android Apps

Digital Showcase develops Mobile Apps